Project Description

It’s always an honor to be selected to work on a product launch video for a company like GoPro. This video came with an immense amount of challenge as the medium of “VR” or “360 Video” is relatively new. Aside from making launch video assets, we also made versions to play at the San Francisco Academy of Art planetarium. How do you get VR video to correctly project on a 180 dome? That’s what my coworker Daniel, and I had to figure out!

One of the challenges of working on a launch video, is typically you have to start production before the final consumer version of the product is done. This meant working with DVT models that were not always fully operational, and overcoming the bugs that come with any new product in development. It was really exciting to see what could be done with this new medium.

The GoPro Fusion has been an huge success, it launched in September of 2017, and became available to the mass public in January of 2018.

Whats great about 360 VR video is that you have the option to frame the shot how you’d like (like having multiple cameras) – or you can create an immersive 360 world. You have so many options and creative ways to approach any project.

Above is the ‘OverCapture’ version, which utilities 360 video in a traditional¬† HD 1080 format. It allows for very unique angles and transitions from any direction.

Now watch the same video, but in 360 immersive video. (Best viewed with a VR headset!)

Getting the opportunity to work on a video with such a new technology is an immensely humbling experience. You really are forced to learn every aspect of it and ‘figure out’ how to do what you need done. It was a great experience and I look forward to what will come of it down the road!

Let me know your thoughts about VR technology and any questions below!

GoPro Fusion
Audio Lav
GoPro Karma Drone

Adobe Premiere Pro
Adobe After Effects
Adobe Media Encoder
Adobe Photoshop
DaVinci Resolve
Mocha VR
Mettle Skybox Studio
Kolor VR Applications
GoPro Fusion Studio