Project Description


Carlos Munoz breathes deeply as he prepares to attempt a new world record. This isn’t exactly your everyday bungee jump. Carlos and the Dream Walker group travel the world for epic jumps. This one was built specially in Kjerag, Norway.

Now a bit about the video.

GoPro has an incredible brand following and community backing it. This video is a perfect example of people doing extraordinary things (or even every-day things) and capturing it with a tiny device that shoots high-definition video. Self-captured by Carlos, he then submitted it to the GoPro Awards portal, a platform to upload your GoPro content for a chance to be featured on the GoPro platforms, and some extra cash incentives. Give it a look, and submit your content:

GoPro Awards is entirely User Generated Content that is then selected by the GoPro team, and published on their platforms. However, it’s not typically that simple.

Sometimes is a raw clip, sometimes it’s a full edit. 95% of the time, some changes need to be made, or the creativity needs to be developed on the editing side.

This was video content we acquired at GoPro, and then entirely re-editing with new music, graphics, sound design, transitions — you name it. A great example of how to honor your community with their own content, while also staying true to supporting a brand.

Thanks Carlos!



Adobe After Effects
Adobe Photoshop
Adobe Premiere Pro