Project Description

“On their mission to discover the world’s biggest cave, veteran cave explorer Robbie Schmittner and his partner Toddy Waelde pledge to protect this Mecca of diving beneath the Yucatan. Robbie warns against the destructive forces affecting this area. Toddy discovers an unbroken Maya pot that could be thousands of years old. ”

Searching The Maya Underworld was a three part original series entirely produced and shot by GoPro. I was fortunate enough to play a vital role in both pitching the concept, and spending a total of three weeks in Tulum, Mexico for the production of it. After shooting, I led the charge in the post-production world. I edited episode one, and aided in the completion of episodes two and three.

Working on this project was a true inspiration, and I really hope I can do more work like this. Please take the time to watch each episode in order in its entirety – the story is pretty incredible. Learn about the history of the Mayan culture, and what remains today in Mexico. Spread awareness to help preserve and protect, it’s all we have left down there to know our history.

Each episode is between 12-15 minutes long, three in total. There were also several campaign pieces delivered as well, including two trailers, 3 stand-alone bonus moments, and a behind the scenes – in addition there is a VR video, with it’s own trailer and assets!


Episode 2 and 3 below, as well as Behind The Scenes!

GoPro Hero 4 (Roughly 60)
GoPro Session (Roughly 10)
Audio Lav
3-Axis gimbal
3DR Solo Drone

Adobe Premiere Pro
Adobe After Effects
Adobe Media Encoder
DaVinci Resolve
Adobe Photoshop
Adobe Illustrator