A POP video is a video with a very distinct purpose. To gain attraction and inform potential customers about products.

POP, (Point Of Purchase) videos are typically played in big retailers as part of an end-cap display with product on it. Typically they are without sound, and loop hundreds of times a day. These videos need to make sense and be clear and easy to digest since you can’t control when a potential customer might start the viewing process.

I have worked on numerous GoPro POP videos (like what you see at Best Buy), so I came into this project with a good idea of how to take it down. I only had a week to accomplish the task from start to finish because of shipping and store deadlines. The creative goal was for simplicity and cleanliness. It needed to be communicative and digestible so a customer would know what the product is, and what’s included in it.

For this, we focused on 4 main products.

The majority of the heaving lifting was a lot of keyframing and typography within After Effects. We wanted to include a music track for when audio might be required (though its typically without audio) so another challenge was timing the track with the product segments. It was important to visually communicate what was being told on screen through text. To do this I focused on the key call-outs that needed to be addressed, used these as pillars for design and worked backwards matching the visuals and gathering content that fit the call-out.

Uncharted Supply Company makes a very quality product and the people there are incredible. They design and use the product in the wild, and in real world scenarios, collect feedback from their users, and are dedicated to making it better.

It was a great pleasure to single-handedly create this video for them, and in such a short amount of time. Checkout the video in the in-store display entirety!


Uncharted Supply Co Display
Uncharted Supply Co Display

Adobe Premiere Pro
Adobe After Effects
Adobe Photoshop
Adobe Illustrator
DaVinci Resolve