“Hyper-targeted advertising is a marketing strategy that delivers extremely customized messages to a specific, targeted demographic. “

80% of video marketers say that video has directly increased sales.

As a senior member of the GoPro Studio team; on the advertising side; one of my ongoing tasks was curating HyperTarget Ads. I would create anywhere from six to twelve new ads every quarter that would be served to a very specific demographic on instagram.

Since social media has collected massive amounts of data on it’s users, it is now possible to create a video, and show it to someone who (for example):

A) Already owns a GoPro camera
B) Is interested in Photography
C) Is 24 years old
D) Lives in Oregon
E) .. You get the idea

When ads can be this customized marketing teams can develop entire campaigns to target their desired audience. This was the case with GoPro HyperTargeted Ads.

With this strategy in mind I created multiple videos with kinetic typography (because most people don’t listen to audio on instagram) as well as quick, to the point, messaging in a very short-form. All of these metrics are driven by the metrics the marketing analysts receive, which can change rapidly.

In the above example, the goal was to push a targeted ad to inform people that GoPro can be a creative resource for taking photos. The small form factor and durability allows unique angles that a ‘traditional DSLR’ could not capture without some serious risk.

Below are a few more examples of this marketing campaign for GoPro Hero 8, and GoPro Max.