Project Description

“Professional surfer Anthony Walsh takes Karma along for a day with his wife Crystal and their son Damien. Join the Walsh family as they explore their native Hawaii in the air, on land and in the water with the complete Karma stabilization system.”

In early 2017, I traveled as part of a GoPro production team to shoot marketing content for GoPro Karma, and their full ecosystem of software and hardware. Our destination was The North Shore in Oahu, Hawaii. I worked as part of the video production team, and as the licensed drone pilot. This was some of the first outward facing content shot for the release of the GoPro Karma system, which is GoPro’s drone and 3-axis gimbal solution. I highly checking it out if you haven’t already. Small, portable, and very useful, “Hollywood in a backpack”.

Working with Anthony Walsh and his family was a great experience, and they’re incredible people. I wish I could have spent more than the 1 week I had with them – couldn’t ask for better people to work with.

In the post-production world, we had a very very quick turn-around. So we divided the video into 3 sections and each of us 3 editors tackled a section, then stitched it all together for a seamless start to finish product. I also did compositing on this project (which you shouldn’t notice 😉 ) and color correction.

Audio Lav
GoPro Karma Drone
GoPro Karma Gimbal

Adobe Premiere Pro
Adobe After Effects
Adobe Media Encoder
DaVinci Resolve